With its suite of specialist xsNet Indoor Solutions, the Prysmian Group is bringing seamless next-generation fibre optic network performance directly into the homes and offices of end users, while keeping investment and operational costs low.

Designed and engineered for all types of buildings, our xsNet range provides straightforward, transparent FTTx choices that are complementary to all structure types. With an innovative range of products and techniques employed, we can help you to identify your best options, irrespective of the number of units or floors. We can provide a solution for every situation; meeting varying project needs with flexibility and ease, showing how best to optimise your budget without sacrifi cing effi ciency; and reducing Total Cost of Ownership.



Running ducts, micro ducts or conduits from the indoor distribution box or basement box, throughout the building to the customer's premises and customer's outlet box. Fibre optic cables are then jetted or blown to the customer's premises.


Uses compressed air to blow optical fibre into pre-installed tubes. Existing tube routes can also be easily accessed at any location so re-routing to new users can be achieved as and when required.


Features a new concept in optical cable construction allowing remarkably easy fibre access and break-out, reducing the demand for skilled labour, installation time and cost.


Fibre optic systems for satellite TV applications in the MDU. Allows the provision of unlimited bandwidth even int he most restricted spaces.