Full fibre, plug & play system for Feeder and Jumper cabling.

Next-generation mobile 3G and 4G networks require a full fibre passive infrastructure, including the ultimate: Fibre-to-the-Antenna. LTE deployments can only be achieved when having an end-to-end passive optic fibre infrastructure. Luckily, current 2G antenna towers are easily "upgradeable" to a next generation technology by deploying preterminated optical fibre cabling systems. This is what Prysmian Group offers with xsMobile Antenna Towers Solution.

4G-LTE and LTE-A Antenna Towers

The antenna towers equipped for 4G-LTE and LTE-A networks are smaller but basically still consist of the basic three parts of any tower: (1) Base station equipment - passive rack equipment to connect the mobile backhaul network with the anteann tower, (2) Feeder cabling - xsMobile offers fibre-based communication and a power connection from the base station to the splitter box and (3) Jumper cabling - two fibre connections from the splitter box to the remote radio head.

xsMobile Antenna Towers utilizes the QuickDrawXS preterminated cabling system to offer a full fibre, plug&play system for Feeder and Jumper cabling.