Bend-insensitive singlemode optical fibres.

Prysmian Group believes that bend-insensitive optical fibres shouldn’t have to come at the expense of other characteristics. But in addition to the broadly accepted specifications of the world’s most deployed fibre – the G.652 standard singlemode optical fibre.

That’s why Prysmian Group is proud to introduce its BendBright® family: the original BendBright (G.657.A1) and the industry leading FTTH product – the BendBrightXS (G.657.A2&B2).

These two bend-insensitive fibres provide:

Bend-sensitivity reduction of, x10 and x100 respectively – as compared to G.652 singlemode optical fibre.
Compliance with the most stringent ITU-T G.652.D recommendation.
Capacity for tighter, high-end specialty operations – with the specialised BendBright-Elite, the G.657.B3, an ultra bend-insensitive optical fibre built on the same platform.
BendBright – the world’s first introduced bend improved fibre.
More than four years in advance of the first G.657.A ITU-T recommendation, the fibre encompasses all the features of Enhanced singlemode ESMF fibre, and provides high resistance to additional losses, thanks to macro and micro-bending – particularly in the 1600 nm wavelength region.


Prysmian Group’s singlemode optical fibre for FTTH deployment combines excellent low macro-bending sensitivity (G.657.A2 and G.657.B2 compliant) and all the features of regular E-SMF (G.652.D compliant). It permits the use of one fibre type, from the central office to the optical network terminal.

Wherever small cable-size, low footprint connectivity, or tight accidental bend are the concerns, BendBrightXS is the solution you need:

A trench with a lowered refractive index in the cladding area – preventing the optical field to escape. Fully backward compatible and future proof – with no compromise made with respect to the main transmission parameters. Can cope with any higher bit rate, higher wavelength operation, and WDM transmission – of any kind, in all standardized bands, that may come with next generation FTTH systems.

BendBrightXS is protected with Desolite Supercoatings


Ultra-bend insensitive SMF - Guaranteed for very low radius.


Low macro bending sensitive, low water peak feature.

BENDBRIGHTxs - G.657.A2, G.657.B2 AND G.652.D

Bend-sensitive fibre, fully backwards compatible.