Developed for optimized dispersion characteristics in high-capacity, long-distance networks, Prysmian Group's Optical Fibres offer:

Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fibre (NZDSF) solutions for long haul and metropolitan transmissions.
Support for today’s CWDM and DWDM systems and their future evolutions.
Compliance with ITU-T G.655 and G.656 recommendations.
The Draka brand has one mainstream NZDSF in its portfolio, the TeraLight fibre. It is available in 2 versions, the regular TeraLight® and the TeraLight® Ultra.

TeraLight. Setting the standard for high bit-rate, multi-wavelength transmission.

With its unique optimization of effective area, chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope, the TeraLight® fibre allows for:

Excellent distortion management.
Cost effective operation at 10 and 40 Gbps.
Tight channel spacing in C- and L-bands.
Compatibility with the future S-band.
It's typical chromatic dispersion of 8 ps/ at 1550 nm is optimized to be half that of G.652 standard singlemode optical fibre, resulting in dispersion compensation devices with lower costs, and less PMD contributions. However, this dispersion value is high enough to counter detrimental cross-channel non-linearities in DWDM systems.


To minimise your chromatic dispersion compensation CAPEX.


Optimised for long-haul and ultra-long transmission.