With the Draka LongLine™ optical fibre, we offer the benefit of our trench-assisted design for ultra-long-haul applications; allowing increased distance without regeneration, and easy cabling ability.

The LongLine™ fibre:

Exhibits an extremely high effective area of 120 μm² – 50% higher than standard singlemode optical fibre.
Dramatically reduces non-linear effects – offering the possibility of higher power, and consequently higher distance.
Further enhances the distance capacity, while preserving system margins – with a very low attenuation in the C- and L- bands.
Keeps macro-bending and micro-bending low – with a trench-assisted design.

In addition:

The LongLine™ optical fibre has chromatic properties compatible with commercially available chromatic dispersion modules, or reverse dispersion fibres.

The Draka LongLine™ optical fibre is available at different screen-test tensile strengths, according to application and customer request, 2 % strain equivalent is available for submarine applications.


For long distance data transport across oceans and continents.