MaxCap-BB-OMx has been developed as a new robust laser-optimized bend-insensitive multimode fibre. These optical fibres (OM2, OM2+, OM3 and OM4 quality levels) combine two of Prysmian Group's industry-leading technologies:  MaxCap high bandwidth multimode fibre and BendBright bend-insensitive single-mode optical fibre technology.

Outstanding bending performance:

This new class of MaxCap multimode fibre combines the support of improved fibre management, with high bandwidth 10G – 40G – 100G system requirements.
The eminent bending performance of MaxCap-BB-OMx fibres is based on the large know-how built up developing Prysmian Group’s Bend-Insensitive single-mode fibers BendBrightXS and BendBright-Elite.
Supporting compact cable management:

MaxCap-BB-OM2 / OM2+ / OM3 / OM4 optical fibres support compact cable management.
They allow more easily MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes) applied in Local Area Networks (LAN) backbones up to 550m (10GBASE-SX), in Data Centres up to 170m at 40G/100G speeds (40GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-SR10).

Superior bandwidth performance:

MaxCap-BB-OM2 / OM2+ / OM3 / OM4 are a result of optimizing Draka’s patented Plasma-activated Chemical Vapor Deposition (PCVD) fibre production process.

Building upon the superior bandwidth characteristics offered by PCVD, the use of BendBright® technology enables improved bending performance without any sacrifice or trade-off on bandwidth or other performance specifications of the optical fibre.


Laser launch bend-insensitive OM2, OM2+, OM3, OM4 fibre based on BendBright technology