About 7twenty

We were established because there was a need for better and innovative telecommunication products to support the fibre optic installation industry.

Our name was inspired by honey bees and their hexagonal honeycomb. Have you ever wondered why bees make hexagons in their hives?

They are six-sided shapes which fit perfectly into each other. They can hold the queen bee’s eggs and store the pollen and the honey. If the bees made circles, squares or triangles there wouldn’t be gaps in the honeycomb. The honeycomb hexagonal structure is important to hold all the weight of the wax and honey. The hexagon shape saves the bees time and energy. Therefore, the hexagon is the strongest and most useful shape. why 7twenty degrees

But it’s not only bees that believe the hexagon is the strongest and most useful shape. Humans have used maths to find out why hexagons make the most sense. The geometry of this shape uses the least amount of material to hold the most weight. Hexagons are useful for building bridges, airplanes, and cars. It gives materials extra strength. After all, materials made with hexagon shapes can also handle a lot of force, even if they are made out of a lighter material and so the sum of the interior angles of a hexagon is 720 degrees, hence our name.